Instructions for pushing dev to production

  1. Hosting service: DreamHost, https://panel.dreamhost.com/
    1. Necessary tools to access DreamHost
      1. Browser
      2. ssh terminal
      3. FileZilla
      4. Sublime Text editor
  2. Operating folder: home/explainer/wingsofhistory.org
    1. development.wingsofhistory.org
      This is the main development folder. It contains a complete WordPress application and references and external named database. All development and debugging work are done on this image.
    2. staging.wingsofhistory.org
      This is a staging image, used for verification of the duplication process before committing updates to the production image, which is wingsofhistory.org. Deploy updates to a new image in this space. This is also an important method for testing the duplication process; if it works here, it should work for production use also.
    3. wingsofhistory.org
      This is the production version. No changes should be made to this image since they will be lost on the next duplication cycle.
    4. duplicator_bin
      This is the holding folder for the output of Duplicator Pro run. See the Duplicator Pro plugin docs. This folder is configured in Duplicator Pro as a Storage location
    5. db_id-pswds
      Folder tree containing three prototype wpconfig.php files.
      wpconfig.php (from development file structure)
      wp-config.php (from development image)
      wp-config.php(from production image)
    6. Scripts
      This is a utility folder containing scripts that automate parts of this process.


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