Bernard H. Pietenpol was a self-taught mechanic and ''tinkerer'' who lived 'most all his life in tiny Cherry Grove, a crossroads in southeastern Minnesota. You'll sometimes see Spring Valley given as Pietenpol's address because Cherry Grove was too small to have a Post Office so Pietenpol used nearby Spring Valley's Post Office. He was a skilled machinist, an electrician and builder of radios. As a young man of twenty or so he became very interested in flying and built a number of small airplanes.

When the Model ''A'' Ford was introduced in the late 1920's, Pietenpol experimented with its engine in his airframes. He produced the first really successful two-place airplane to be powered by a relatively inexpensive and readily available automobile engine.
Pietenpol airplanes built to the plans of Bernard H. Pietenpol are straightforward, no-nonsense airplanes. They're great for puddle jumping or even long cross country trips. They fly low and slow, the same way they have for over seven, almost eight decades. Pietenpol Airplanes (Air Camper and Sky Scout) are low in cost, durable and most of all, FUN!! Probably the biggest reason they are inexpensive to build is that almost no aircraft rated-materials are required by the design. They are durable because the designer B.H. Pietenpol went out of his way to make every part of the ship stronger than necessary. (from the Pietenpol Family website)

Pietenpol Ford Model A Conversion ( EAA 1932 Flying and Glider Manual )

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