Military Vehicles

Our Military Vehicle Display is presented in partnership with the Eagle Field Foundation.

MRAP Proof of concept

This large 6 wheel Tan truck is the original ‘proof-of-concept’ Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) so widely used by the US & NATO Forces. The MRAP program deployed more than 12,000 vehicles in the War in Iraq and War in Afghanistan. MRAP vehicles usually have “V”-shaped hulls to deflect explosive forces from land mines or IEDs below the vehicle, thereby protecting the vehicle and passengers. This vehicle was researched and developed in San Jose CA at BAE. This is Serial# 00001.

M1015-Electronic Warfare Shelter/Power Generation Carrier

The M1015-Electronic Warfare Shelter/Power Generation Carrier is a variant of the M548.  This War Veteran pulled and supplied ‘conditioned power’ for the Patriot Missile System during the Gulf War. The large arm attachment on the front is a ‘static-electricity grounding rod rammer’ which drove the grounding rod 8-20ft in the surface to redirect static electricity from affecting the missiles sensitive equipment. Fewer than 10 of these vehicles remain as originally equipped.

AIFV – Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The AIFV – Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle built in San Jose by FMC/United Defense. It was built in competition with the Bradly and was selected by 15 NATO countries. This model is the AIFV B/C upgraded to a 350HP turbocharged Detroit Diesel 6V53T with an electronic Allison X-200-4 transmission and hydrostatic steering. While fitted with a fully-stabilized 25mm auto-cannon, and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun, all in a one(1) man Sharpshooter Turret. This is the only complete & running AIFV B/C in USA.

M113A1 Armored Cavalry – ACAV

Originally built by FMC in San Jose, CA and finished in November of 1969, our fully restored M113A1 ACAV (Armored – Cavalry) is a popular hands-on exhibit. Representing an APC (Armored Personal Carrier) deployed to Vietnam with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR), the “rolling” display opens up for guests to see America’s workhorse up close. Complete with original artifacts and equipment, the vehicle helps tells the narrative of those who served in Vietnam from 1965 to 1972.

XM800 Light Scout Tank

The XM800 Light Scout Tank is from the Vietnam era. It is made of lightweight materials to be air-dropped along with the Light Infantry units to provide a fast-deployed, armored reconnaissance tank with ample firepower. The XM800 was equipped with M139, a US version of the Hispano-Suiza HS820 20mm autocannon as the primary weapon, a turret-mounted coaxial machine gun, and an M60 machine mounted just outside of the commanders’ hatch.

Of the 6 remaining vehicles, the Eagle Field Foundation (EFF) XM800 Is Serial# 001 and is the only running vehicle in the world. The XM800 provided valuable experience and design elements that were used in the M2 Bradley. 

WW II Desert Truck

1941 Chevy CWT 30 Truck.1940-1943 Long Range Desert Group – LRDG

Formed in 1940, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) was tasked specifically to carry out deep penetration, covert reconnaissance patrols and intelligence gathering missions from behind Axis lines during the North Africa and Sicily campaigns in World War Two. The LRDG were experts in desert navigation and were often assigned to support and guide other units, including the Special Air Service and secret agents from the OSS and MI6 across the North African desert.

During the Desert Campaign between December 1940 and April 1943, the vehicles of the LRDG operated constantly behind the Axis lines harassing enemy troop movements, conducting road-watching recon missions, and supporting larger combat operations.