The Aeronca Champion (Champ) high-wing monoplane 7AC for general aviation in the WOH collection is a 1946 model. Aeronca (a contraction of Aeronautical Corporation of America), was based in Middletown, Ohio. First flown as a prototype in 1944, the 7AC was in production from 1945 to 1948.  Aeronca’s total production from 1945 to 1951 (when it ceased operations) was over 8,000 aircraft of which 7,200 were the 7AC model. Like the popular Piper J-3 Cub with which it competed, the Champ features tandem seating. However, while the J-3 model of the Cub is flown solo from the rear seat, the Champ can be soloed from the front, giving improved forward visibility, particularly on the ground and during takeoffs, landings, and climbs.  The airframe consisted of metal tubing covered by the fabric.
Aircraft NameAeronca Champ 7AC
PowerplantContinental A-65-8 65 hp opposed 4 cylinder (the Champ was also fitted with 65 hp Franklin and Lycoming flat-4 engines)
Propellerwood 2-blade with fixed pitch
Length21 ft. 6 inches
Wingspan35.0 ft.
Empty weight740 lb
Max gross weight1,220 lb
Fuel Capacity, std13 U.S. gallons
Rate of climb, sea level370 ft./minute
Max level speed, sea level95 mph
Range270 miles
Service Ceiling12,500 ft.