Cirrus III Engine

Manufactured in 1928. 4 cylinders, 95 hp. The Cirrus III made light aircraft possible.

Curtiss OX-5 Engine

The 90 hp OX-5 was one in a series of Glenn Curtiss liquid-cooled V-8 aircraft engines

Franklin Model 199-E 90 HP Engine

90 hp opposed-cylinder engine.

Franklin Aircraft Engine 4AC-150-A

60 HP American air-cooled aircraft engine of the late 1930s

Guiberson A-1020 Diesel Engine

An unusual 4-stroke 9-cylinder single-row direct-drive diesel radial engine


A motorcycle piston engine modified for use in aircraft


A ramjet used to power the YH-32 Hornet experimental helicopter

Hisso 12Y

A V12 engine used by the French military prior to WWII

Kiekhaefer V-105-2 Drone Engine

This 100 hp V-4 target drone engine was built in Fond-Du-Lac, Wisconsin


An American five cylinder radial engine used for light general and sport aircraft of the 1930s

Lambert Aircraft Engine

90 HP engine powered Monocoupe aircraft in the 1930s.

65 HP Lycoming Aircraft Engine O-145-B2

4 cylinder horizontally opposed engine that powered many light aircraft in the 1930s


A fairly successful design used widely in light aircraft


2 stroke 72 hp drone engine.

Menasco D4-87

An inverted inline 4 cylinder engine used in multiple aircraft

Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp

The Twin Wasp is 14 cylinder 1200 hp double row radial engine with internal supercharger

Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior

9 cylinder radial with over 39,000 built from 1930s to 1950s

Ranger L-440 Engine

175 hp inline 6 engine developed in the 1930s by Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp.

Rolls Royce Dart Turboprop

A turboprop engine designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce Limited

Salmson 9AD Radial Engine

9 cylinder radial engine manufactured in France in the 1930s

Security S-5-125 Aircraft Engine

Rare five cylinder radial engine manufactured by Security Aircraft Corp.

Wright J-5A-B "Whirlwind" 9 cylinder Static Radial Engine

The first commercially successful radial engine

Wright "Gipsy I" L-320 Engine

4 cylinder inline engine powered private aircraft in 1920s and 1930s

Wright R2600

14 cylinder 1700 hp radial engine that powered multiple WW II aircraft