Tandem Parachute Jump over the Museum

A common sight on Saturdays at the Museum

Alexander Glider Restoration

John Blazek painting the glider ailerons

The Santa Cruz Woodies Club Visited the Museum

Spring has sprung at the Museum

Poppy's in Bloom in front of Wings of History

2023 Holiday Party for Members and Volunteers

Everyone had a great time!

Drone's Eye View of Wings of History Museum

This is more of an “Above the Scenes” than behind the scenes post.  It’s just a short video of the Wings of History location taken from a drone.

Hiller UH-12E4 Helicopter Arriving

This will be our first helicopter on display (if you don’t count the Dobbins Simcopter).  We hope to have it on display in hangar 2 within the next month or two.

Scenes from our 2023 Summer Barbecue

Replacing the Shed behind Hangar 1

Volunteers have torn down the old shed, graded the ground and are digging holes for the posts.

Kittyhawk Display

We’ve started work setting up the tent where we will display our new Kittyhawk Heaviside eVTOL.  We are hoping to have everything ready before our open house on May 20th.

Winter Party

We had to cancel our Christmas Party last December due to the horrible weather.  So, on we decided to have a “Winter Party” for members and volunteers on February 19th. 

Whirligig Refresh

Dan Livingston recently repaired and painted the Whirligigs (and the flying pig)  in our children’s play area.

Bowlus Rudder Restoration

Installing the ID Spotter Model Display

Thanks to Dan Livingston for creating the ID Spotter Model Display and to his son Dave for assisting Dan with the installation. 

These models were used during WW II to train military and civilian personnel to identify enemy aircraft.

Member/Volunteer Barbecue - July 17, 2022

Good times and good food at the member/volunteer barbecue!

RR Turboprop Restoration

A local boy scout troop did an amazing job restoring the Rolls Royce Dart Turboprop Engine.

Welcoming Back the Lycoming R-680

Hiller Aviation Museum delivers our Lycoming R-680 radial engine after a two-year loan.  It’s located now in hangar 2.

Pictured L to R: Rich Eva and Barry Henning from Hiller.  On the right accepting the engine is Jerry Impellezzeri, president WOH.

Bede BD-5

We recently obtained a Bede BD-5 from Gavilan College.  This was a single seat aircraft sold in kit form starting in the 1970s.  This is going to be a project for some of our teenage volunteers.

It’s most notable for its appearance in the James Bond movie Octopussy where while trying to evade a missile, James flies it through the quickly closing doors of the bad guys’ hangar.  

Vickers Viscount Refresh

Fritz the Cat

The unofficial museum cat. He adopted us.  He can usually be seen either in the gift shop or by the Vickers Viscount.  He loves to have his ears scratched.