This model illustrates to us a German fighter used during World War I. Albatros designers Thelen, Schubert and Gnadig produced the D.II in response to pilot complaints about poor upward vision in the earlier Albatros D.I. The solution was to reposition the upper wing 14 inches closer to the fuselage and stagger it forward slightly. The rearrangement of the wing struts also improved the forward view. The basic performance of the two airplanes was unchanged and 100 of the new aircraft were ordered in 1916. With its high speed and heavy armament, the D.II won back air superiority from Allied fighters in the 1917 time period.

Length: 23 feet 3.5 inchesWingspan: 27 feet 11 inchesCrew: one pilot

Empty weight: 1,404 pounds

Loaded weight: 1,958 pounds

Powerplant: Mercedes D.III 6

cylinder inline @ 160 HP

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