This model represents the Curtiss P-6E “Hawk” which was an American single-engine biplane fighter introduced into service in the late 1920’s with the United States Army Air Corps and operated until the late 1930’s prior to the outbreak of World War II. Beginning in 1922, Curtiss began the design on the Curtiss Hawk line. They were produced in two categories, Pursuits and Advanced Trainers. Curtiss’s plan was to create a demand by virtue of the Hawk’s superiority. After demonstrating the Hawk to the US Army Service, they were impressed enough to buy the prototype and to order two additional aircraft. When initial trials were completed, an order for 25 aircraft was placed.
DAYTON, Ohio — Curtiss P-6E Hawk at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Restored flying version

The aircraft this model represents was a fast and highly maneuverable aircraft for its time. 46 of the P-6E particular model were delivered during the 1931-1932 time period. The total production for all Hawks’ was 717 aircraft. Crew of one Wingspan 31 feet 6 inches Length 25 feet 2 inches Empty weight 2,669 pounds