Hiller Helicopters Inc. was formed in 1942 for the development and production of rotary-wing aircraft. Early work on the Hiller Model XH-44, UH-4 Commuter and the UH-5, which introduced a newly-developed ‘Rotor-Matic’ rotor control system, led to the Hiller Model 360 prototype. The company’s first production helicopter followed and this, known as the Hiller UH-12 as Hiller had become part of United Helicopters, was of simple construction, incorporating a two-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor on an upswept boom. The design was highly successful, being built extensively in two- and three-seat configurations for both civil and military use, and an early Model 12 was the first commercial helicopter to record a transcontinental flight across the United States. More than 2,000 were built before production ended in 1965, some 300 of this total being exported, and throughout this period the power and capability of the helicopter was steadily improved.

Aircraft NameHiller UH-12E4
Power PlantAvco Lycoming VO-540-C2A 305 hp
Rotor Diameter10.67m (35ft 5 in)
Fuselage length8.53m (9ft 9.5in)
Max Speed154km/h (96mph)
Economical Cruising Speed132km/h (82 mph)
Max rate of climb408m/min (1340ft/min)
Service ceiling5365m (17,600ft)
Empty Weight772kg (700lb)
Loaded Weight1247kg (2750lb)