Curator’s Report For July Board Meeting

Jerry Impellezzeri

I continue to work on the Alexander Primary Glider making slow but steady progress, little by little. Based on progress to date I expect to do a full-up assembly by late September and maybe start covering after that. A new volunteer, Don Johnson, started helping two weeks ago which I’m sure will help move along the glider restoration.

A local Boy Scout… I don’t remember his name… took on the project of improving the condition of the Beech Musketeer for us as part of an eagle scout project. The project including removing dirt and some corrosion, painting trim parts, and improving the interior. They did a very nice job and the improvement is most welcome. I understand that another scout is interested in doing a project for us… we need to develop some suggestions.

I visited the Air Museum at Santa Monica, the home of the Douglas Aircraft Factory/Plant. They mentioned to me that they are having an aviation swap meet at the museum in August where they have sold 70 tables to sellers. And with the event being in the museum buyers will be required to pay the normal entry fee. I think we should look at doing something like this as a fundraiser.