Below is an almost complete list of the numbered, hanging aircraft models we have on display in our hangars.   We have many more models in our display cases.

Locale: H1=hanger 1, H2=hanger 2, RS=restoration shop

LocaleKeyModelAdditional infoNote
H11Nieuport 17Nungesser'sWW-1
H13Nieuport 12WW-1
H14Nieuport TriplaneWW-1
H15Albatross D.IIWW-1
H17Hanriot HD.1French markingsWW-1
H28Pietenpol Air Camperon floor under rull-size Pietenpol
H29Christen Eagle
H110Stearman YPT-9
H111de Havilland Tiger Moth
H212Howard DGA-6Mr Mulligan
RS14Albatros C.lllGerman biplane on floor - WW-1
H115Nieuport 11WW-1
H116Fokker E.IllWW-1
H217Fieseler Fi 156 StorchWW-1
H218SAAB 21-A
H220Messerschmitt Me-262WW-2
H222North American F-82Twin Mustang
H123Vought F-4U CorsairWW-2
H124German ZeppelinWW-1
H125Thomas Morse ScoutWW-1
RS26AVRO Model Gon floor
H127Airco (de Haviland) DH.2pusherWW-1
H230Mew Gull E-3HCapt. Edgar Percival22 on tail;G-AEXF on fuselage
H231Boeing B-50 re-engined B-294x P&W R4360
H232Lockheed P-38JAllison V-12 enginesWW-2
H133Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5uncoveredWW-l; Vickers built via license
H134Sopwith TriplaneWW-1
H135Packard-LePere LUSAC-11WW-1
H236Aeronca ChampNC12180hanging over full-size Champ
H137Halberstadt D.IIWW-1
H139Ryan NYPSpirit of St. Louspiloted by Charles Lindbergh
H243Pittsmetal sculpture
H244Fokker E.IIImetal sculptureWW-1
H146Wright 1903 Flyermetal sculptureon the foor near replica Flyer
H147Bleriot XImetal sculpture
H250Grumman TBF AvengerWW-2;US Marines insignia
H251Messerschmit Me-110WW-2
H253Douglas DC-6BHawaian Airlines
H154Sopwith Camelmetal sculptureWW-1
H155Fokker TriplaneWW-1
H156Sopwith Babyon floatsWW-1
H157Sopwith CameluncoveredWW-1
H160Curtiss pusher flying boaton floor by 1903 Wright flyer
RS61Nieuport 11uncoveredWW-1
H163Fokker D.VIIWW-1
H166Pietenpol Junior
RS67Fokker TrimotorSouthern Cross; 3 Wright radials1926 vintage airliner
H268Consolidated B-24 LiberatorWW-2
H169Bell P-39WW-2
H170Northrop XB-35
H272North American AT-6
H273Grunman F-8F BearcatWW-2
H175North American P-51 MustangWW-2; yellow spinner
H276Lockheed Vega
H177Douglas 0-43
H279Hawker Hunterturbojet fighter; 1954 in service
RS80Beech Staggerwingon floats
H281Stinson SR-9C ReliantNC18407
H182Verville PW-11920 vintage
H283Douglas SBD DauntlessWW-2
H284Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinaWW-2
H285Grumman F-6F HellcatWW-2
H286Boeing B-29WW-2
H287Republic P-47 Thunderbolt ("Jug")WW-2
H288Consolidated PBYWW-2
H289Boeing B-17WW-2
H290Supermarine SpitfireBritishWW-2
H291Lockheed P-38 LightningWW-2
H292Junkers Ju 87 StukaGermanWW-2
H293Curtiss P-40 WarhawkFlying Tigers markingWW-2
H294Messerschmit Me-109WW-2
H295Mitsubishi ZeroWW-2
H296Focke-Wulf FW 190WW-2
H297Lockheed P-38 LightningWW-2
H298Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinaWW-2
H299Boeing B-29WW-2;see placard
H2100Boeing NB-52with mounted Bell X-15AF loan for NASA flight tests
H2101Convair B-36Hplastic model; tail #010871:72 scale
H2102Hawker Typhoonleaning on north wall;WW-2
H2103General Dynamics F-16USAF markingsleaning on north wall
H2104Northrop F-5USN markingsleaning on north wall
H2105Douglas DC-3
H2106Focke-Wulf TA-152WW-2
H2106Vickers Viscount 700
H2107Lockheed P-3 Orion
H2109Little Toot
H2110Dougias DC-6
H2111Boeing B-17GWW-2
H2112Messerschmitt Me-323 TransportWW-2
H2113Sea Mew
H2115Dewointing 510
H2117Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighteron glass shelf
H2119Gee-Bee Z
H2120Wittman W-8 Tailwind
H1122Da Vinci Ornithopter
H1123Lillenthal GliderOtto Lillenthal pilot in Germany
H2125Grumman Goose (1940)Texaco markingswith placard on shelf
H1126USS Los Angeles USN ZR-3Los Angeles on side1924 Zeppelin; H2 switch to helium
H1127WW1 German Fokker D.VIIIiron crossabove American Eagle; parasol wing
H1128WW1 Italian BiplaneS.V.A. 11779above American Eagle;R/R/W tail
H1129WW1 Bleriot X1Britishbig and white; northside of H1
H1130Curtiss Seagull pusher biplaneheadlessrear elevator;interplane ailerons
H1131monoplane12 on tailyellow and blue; radio contol (RC)
H1132British biplaneC on tailbig model
H1133Consolidated Catalina PBYUSNtwin radial engines; amphibian
H2134Cessna 310 (twin engine)white/blue trim; east wall; RC
H2135Ryan STM-2 (PT-20 type; 1942)S-12; Dutch E. Indies Marinescirca 1942; hung above Ryan PT-20
H2136P-51 Mustangreflective chrome finish
H2137Beech Staggerwing biplanewire sculpturenear east wall
H2138small high-wing monoplanewire sculpturenear east wall
H2139Lockheed P-38 Lightninglarge-scale radio contol (RC)
H2140Knight Twister biplanewhite; 5 on fuselageRC; homebuilt for aerobatics; N. side
H2141Convair B-58A Hustlerdark gray; north wall
H2142Travel Air 6000 monoplaneNC6469orange/black; hung over Pitts Special
H2143British modeleast side; sitting up on high mesa
H2144Japanese modeleast side; sitting up on high mesa
RS145Waco YMFG-WOCO (German registration)large yellow; hung over gift shop; RC
RS146Bucker Bu133 Jungmeister trainerHB-MIU (Swiss registraton)large yellow; hung over gift shop; RC
RS147Hughes OH-6A Cayusemilitary gray; VietNam warUS Army Aviation; on high shelf
RS148SPAD biplaneItalian markingsWorld War 1
H2149North American B-25tail# 430129; 1943 vintageWorld War II; on floor
H2TBDYellow Stearman