List of Models on Display

Below is an almost complete list of the numbered, hanging aircraft models we have on display in our hangars.   We have many more models in our display cases.

Locale: H1=hanger 1, H2=hanger 2, RS=restoration shop

LocaleKeyModelAdditional infoNote
H11Nieuport 17Nungesser'sWW-1
H13Nieuport 12WW-1
H14Nieuport TriplaneWW-1
H15Albatross D.IIWW-1
H17Hanriot HD.1French markingsWW-1
H28Pietenpol Air Camperon floor under rull-size Pietenpol
H29Christen Eagle
H110Stearman YPT-9
H111de Havilland Tiger Moth
H212Howard DGA-6Mr Mulligan
RS14Albatros C.lllGerman biplane on floor - WW-1
H115Nieuport 11WW-1
H116Fokker E.IllWW-1
H217Fieseler Fi 156 StorchWW-1
H218SAAB 21-A
H220Messerschmitt Me-262WW-2
H222North American F-82Twin Mustang
H123Vought F-4U CorsairWW-2
H124German ZeppelinWW-1
H125Thomas Morse ScoutWW-1
RS26AVRO Model Gon floor
H127Airco (de Haviland) DH.2pusherWW-1
H230Mew Gull E-3HCapt. Edgar Percival22 on tail;G-AEXF on fuselage
H231Boeing B-50 re-engined B-294x P&W R4360
H232Lockheed P-38JAllison V-12 enginesWW-2
H133Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5uncoveredWW-l; Vickers built via license
H134Sopwith TriplaneWW-1
H135Packard-LePere LUSAC-11WW-1
H236Aeronca ChampNC12180hanging over full-size Champ
H137Halberstadt D.IIWW-1
H139Ryan NYPSpirit of St. Louspiloted by Charles Lindbergh
H243Pittsmetal sculpture
H244Fokker E.IIImetal sculptureWW-1
H146Wright 1903 Flyermetal sculptureon the foor near replica Flyer
H147Bleriot XImetal sculpture
H250Grumman TBF AvengerWW-2;US Marines insignia
H251Messerschmit Me-110WW-2
H253Douglas DC-6BHawaian Airlines
H154Sopwith Camelmetal sculptureWW-1
H155Fokker TriplaneWW-1
H156Sopwith Babyon floatsWW-1
H157Sopwith CameluncoveredWW-1
H160Curtiss pusher flying boaton floor by 1903 Wright flyer
RS61Nieuport 11uncoveredWW-1
H163Fokker D.VIIWW-1
H166Pietenpol Junior
RS67Fokker TrimotorSouthern Cross; 3 Wright radials1926 vintage airliner
H268Consolidated B-24 LiberatorWW-2
H169Bell P-39WW-2
H170Northrop XB-35
H272North American AT-6
H273Grunman F-8F BearcatWW-2
H175North American P-51 MustangWW-2; yellow spinner
H276Lockheed Vega
H177Douglas 0-43
H279Hawker Hunterturbojet fighter; 1954 in service
RS80Beech Staggerwingon floats
H281Stinson SR-9C ReliantNC18407
H182Verville PW-11920 vintage
H283Douglas SBD DauntlessWW-2
H284Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinaWW-2
H285Grumman F-6F HellcatWW-2
H286Boeing B-29WW-2
H287Republic P-47 Thunderbolt ("Jug")WW-2
H288Consolidated PBYWW-2
H289Boeing B-17WW-2
H290Supermarine SpitfireBritishWW-2
H291Lockheed P-38 LightningWW-2
H292Junkers Ju 87 StukaGermanWW-2
H293Curtiss P-40 WarhawkFlying Tigers markingWW-2
H294Messerschmit Me-109WW-2
H295Mitsubishi ZeroWW-2
H296Focke-Wulf FW 190WW-2
H297Lockheed P-38 LightningWW-2
H298Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinaWW-2
H299Boeing B-29WW-2;see placard
H2100Boeing NB-52with mounted Bell X-15AF loan for NASA flight tests
H2101Convair B-36Hplastic model; tail #010871:72 scale
H2102Hawker Typhoonleaning on north wall;WW-2
H2103General Dynamics F-16USAF markingsleaning on north wall
H2104Northrop F-5USN markingsleaning on north wall
H2105Douglas DC-3
H2106Focke-Wulf TA-152WW-2
H2106Vickers Viscount 700
H2107Lockheed P-3 Orion
H2109Little Toot
H2110Dougias DC-6
H2111Boeing B-17GWW-2
H2112Messerschmitt Me-323 TransportWW-2
H2113Sea Mew
H2115Dewointing 510
H2117Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighteron glass shelf
H2119Gee-Bee Z
H2120Wittman W-8 Tailwind
H1122Da Vinci Ornithopter
H1123Lillenthal GliderOtto Lillenthal pilot in Germany
H2125Grumman Goose (1940)Texaco markingswith placard on shelf
H1126USS Los Angeles USN ZR-3Los Angeles on side1924 Zeppelin; H2 switch to helium
H1127WW1 German Fokker D.VIIIiron crossabove American Eagle; parasol wing
H1128WW1 Italian BiplaneS.V.A. 11779above American Eagle;R/R/W tail
H1129WW1 Bleriot X1Britishbig and white; northside of H1
H1130Curtiss Seagull pusher biplaneheadlessrear elevator;interplane ailerons
H1131monoplane12 on tailyellow and blue; radio contol (RC)
H1132British biplaneC on tailbig model
H1133Consolidated Catalina PBYUSNtwin radial engines; amphibian
H2134Cessna 310 (twin engine)white/blue trim; east wall; RC
H2135Ryan STM-2 (PT-20 type; 1942)S-12; Dutch E. Indies Marinescirca 1942; hung above Ryan PT-20
H2136P-51 Mustangreflective chrome finish
H2137Beech Staggerwing biplanewire sculpturenear east wall
H2138small high-wing monoplanewire sculpturenear east wall
H2139Lockheed P-38 Lightninglarge-scale radio contol (RC)
H2140Knight Twister biplanewhite; 5 on fuselageRC; homebuilt for aerobatics; N. side
H2141Convair B-58A Hustlerdark gray; north wall
H2142Travel Air 6000 monoplaneNC6469orange/black; hung over Pitts Special
H2143British modeleast side; sitting up on high mesa
H2144Japanese modeleast side; sitting up on high mesa
RS145Waco YMFG-WOCO (German registration)large yellow; hung over gift shop; RC
RS146Bucker Bu133 Jungmeister trainerHB-MIU (Swiss registraton)large yellow; hung over gift shop; RC
RS147Hughes OH-6A Cayusemilitary gray; VietNam warUS Army Aviation; on high shelf
RS148SPAD biplaneItalian markingsWorld War 1
H2149North American B-25tail# 430129; 1943 vintageWorld War II; on floor
H2TBDYellow Stearman