Curator’s Report For May Board Meeting

Jerry Impellezzeri

I worked on the silent auction as part of the open house. We had 27 items up for bid with 19 items selling. Starting prices of items ranged from $4 to $99. I believe the sale was very successful.

As reported earlier Paul Agialiotis and his students at Gavilan College have run on a test stand one of our early 60 hp Franklin engines as a class project. We now have the engine on a display stand in hangar #1. We need to prepare a sign for the display as well, which I am working on. We are talking with Paul to do our O-145 65 Hp Lycoming engine for the next school year. He has asked us to find some head gaskets for the engine if we want to run it which may be hard to find. I’m working on this. We also need to build a display stand for this engine.

We continue to work on the Alexander Primary Glider making slow but steady progress little by little. Dave Masters has started to help with this project.

A local Boy Scout has asked if he can take on a project for us as part of an eagle scout project. We have suggested improving the condition of the Beech Musketeer, including removing dirt and some corrosion, painting trim parts, replacing the pilot side window, and improving the interior. Because of time limitations, it is not clear how much of these items will get done. Of course, any improvement is welcome.