This engine is very rare. It was designed and manufactured by Security Aircraft Corp. in Long Beach, CA. Later operations were moved to Santa Monica, CA. It received its U.S. Government Airworthiness Type Certificate, # ATCI81, on September 21, 1937. There were only seven engines built. The chief designer was Winfield B. Kinner. This engine was used on the 1937 Security ” Airster” sport aircraft. Neither the aircraft nor the engine were successful. This engine did, however, lead the way for the later very successful Kinner R-755 5 cylinder radial engines used in WWII aircraft such as the PT-22 Ryan trainer.

Engine NameSecurity S5-125 5 Cylinder Radial
Manufactured bySecurity Aircraft Corp. in Long Beach, CA
Cylinder Configurationradial
Number of Cylinders5
Weight (lbs)390
Displacement (cubic inches)440
Horsepower125@1975 rpm