Curator’s Report for September Board Meeting

Jerry Impellezzeri

We, our new volunteer Don Johnson and I,  continue work on the Alexander Primary Glider making slow but steady progress, little by little. We are ready to start gluing on the plywood leading edges which is a major step in getting them ready to cover. We are also preparing the ailerons for covering. We should start covering the ailerons in a week or two.

We added a display sign for the Franklin 60 hp engine in hangar 1… it looks good. We need to make one for the Christen Eagle next.

Ed reported water in one of the storage containers a few weeks ago. We need to look into this and fix the problem before the winter rains come.

We recently have gotten a little interest in volunteers for being docents…. I think we need a good training manual for new docents or at least review what we have and improve on it. Regarding docents, I’m disappointed that they more often then not they don’t turn on the video displays. What is the point in having these if we don’t use them?