Tuskegee Airmen

Interview with ‘Woodie’ Spears, Tuskegee Airman Tuskegee Fighter Pilot, the late Lt. Leon ‘Woodie” Spears was born in Colorado in 1924. He earned his wings on June 24, 1944, with […]

A Century of Flight

For thousands of years, the speed limit of transportation was no faster than Paul Revere’s famous ride in 1775. And the Pony Express quickly gave way as the steam and […]

What About Steam ?

From Scientific American ( September 1933 )… A Steam Driven Airplane Two brothers, William J and George Besler recently installed a reciprocating steam engine in a conventional Travelair biplane, and […]

The Spirit of St. Louis

  Ninety-two years ago, on May 20, 1927, a 25-year-old airmail pilot named Charles A. Lindbergh departed Roosevelt field in New York and flew a modified Ryan monoplane solo to […]

The RAF brings the War to Berlin

War comes to Berlin, August 1940 The late August weather in Berlin was cool for the time of year, but despite the chilly weather, the morale of the Berlin public […]

Doolittle Raid-April 1942

At the beginning of 1942, America and its British ally were the underdogs fighting a two-front world war. After losing Singapore (and Tobruk in North Africa), Winston Churchill described 1942 […]

Battle of Britain

The following article was written many years ago by a young history teacher, Nick Tallentire, and his friend and artist, D.C. Penny. Mr. Tallentire collaborated with his friend, D.C. Penny, […]