The Fokker E.III Eindecker (Eindecker meaning “one wing” ), was a single-seat monoplane fighter. It was designed by Anthony Fokker at the beginning of 1915. It used wing warping for roll control which was typical in the early airplanes. That system was replaced by ailerons a short time later. The airplane was fitted with a 100 HP Oberursel U.I engine which was a 9 cylinder rotary. Records indicate that 249 E.III’s were manufactured. There is only one known surviving aircraft in existence which is on display in the London Science Museum. The engine was not very reliable and lost power considerably as the altitude increased. It took about thirty minutes to reach 9,800 feet and maneuverability at that altitude was almost nonexistent. Crew: One Wingspan: 31 feet 3 inches Length: 23 feet 7 inches Empty Weight: 880 lbs Gross Weight: 1345 lbs Max Speed: 87 mph Source: Excerpts from