Hispano-Suiza introduced its 12Y series of engines in 1932. The 12 cylinders were arranged in a V at 60 degrees and all models had propeller reduction gears with provision to fire a cannon through the hub, with the cannon mounted on the V. Centrifugal superchargers mounted at the rear of the engine delivered air to six carburetors, with three attached to the outside of each block. This type of engine powered the Latecoere 298, Morane-Saulnier 406, and Arsenal VG-31 and VG-33.

Engine NameHispano-Suiza 12YCRS
Manufactured byHispano-Suiza
Cylinder ConfigurationV12
Bore (inches)5.9
Stroke (inches)6.7
Displacement (cubic inches)2196
Dry Weight )lb)1014