Curator’s Report For March Board Meeting

Jerry Impellezzeri

We continue to work on improving our displays. We have now mounted the large sign from Rick Helicopters, which we got from Jim Rickclifs several years ago. What is needed now is a sign to go with it describing some background on the sign. As you may know, Jim was a local early pioneer in the use of helicopters in the bay area.

We have now also completed a display of some uniforms, helmets, goggles or flying gear in hangar 1. What remains to be done is a description/sign of the items on display.  Anyway, we will continue to work on this. I would like to see another display of this type sometime later this year.

Paul Agialiotis reports that he and his students at Gavilan College have now run on a test stand one of our early 50 hp Franklin engines as a class project. They took the engine apart, inspected it and restored it for display and ran it. We are now working on preparing a suitable display stand for the engine for when we get the engine around the end of the month. We will also need to prepare a sign for the display as well.

We continue to work on the Alexander Primary Glider making slow but steady progress little by little.

I will now start work for the silent auction during the open house. Here are some ideas that I have…

If you have a problem with any of the above or have other ideas, let’s talk

I would like to thank Susan and a group of students for cleaning up several areas where we had oil leaks on the floor and put down clean or new oil pans to catch the leaks. Great Job!!