The Taylorcraft B is an American light, single-engine, high-wing general aviation monoplane that was built by the Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation of Alliance, Ohio.  The Model B was constructed in large numbers during the late 1930s and early 1940s and was available for delivery from the factory as a land plane and a floatplane. Like many light aircraft of its day, the fuselage is constructed of welded steel tubing and covered with doped aircraft fabric. The wings are braced using steel-tube struts.

There were many variations of the Taylorcraft B.  Our example is a 1941 BC12-65 with a Continental A-65-8 engine.

Notable incidents – In November 2021 American YouTuber Trevor Jacob parachuted out of his Taylorcraft BL-65 while piloting it. The FAA deemed his actions intentional and reckless and revoked his pilot license.

Aircraft Name1941 Taylorcraft BC12-65
PowerplantContinental A-65-8
WIngspan36 ft
Max Speed120 mph
Cruise Speed90 mph
Empty Weight800 - 810 lbs
Range300 miles
Service Ceiling17,000 ft