Aeronca Champ

The Aeronca Champion (Champ) high-wing monoplane 7AC for general aviation in the WOH collection is a 1946 model. Aeronca (a contraction of Aeronautical Corporation of America), was based in Middletown, Ohio. First flown as a prototype in 1944, the 7AC was in production from 1945 to 1948.  Aeronca’s total production from 1945 to 1951 (when […]

Pietenpol Air Camper

Bernard H. Pietenpol Bernard Pietenpol was born in 1901 and lived in the southern Minnesota community of Cherry Grove. From the beginning, Bernard showed an aptitude for all things mechanical and became the town’s “mechanical genius.” Bernard was also intrigued by the new “flying machines” that had gained notoriety and a fair amount of acceptance […]

Christen Eagle

Personal History of this craft TBD Design Designed to compete with the Pitts Special by Frank Christensen originally of Salt Lake City, Utah,[1] the Eagle II is marketed in kit form for homebuilding. It set a new standard for completely documented homebuilding kits that revolutionized the homebuilding industry. The Eagle II is a small aircraft of conventional configuration with […]

American Eagle, Model A-101

Our 1928 American Eagle, Model A-101, NC7172, s/n 283. The engine is a WW1 design with two spark plugs per cylinder (two magnetos) and was advanced for its day.  However, the engine has an exposed valve operating mechanism and required being greased before each flight.  In other ways, the Eagle was modern for its day with […]

Volmer Jensen VJ-21

Volmer Jensen VJ-21 This powered glider aircraft was designed by John Carssow and Volmer Jensen, with Carssow as an expert in flight instruments responsible for the design of the cockpit, while Jensen designed wings and fuselage. The VJ-21 was made of wood that was clad with canvas. The wing was high-winged in a self-supporting construction. […]

Dobbins Simcopter

The Simcopter utilizes a 42’ set of rotor blades to provide the necessary lift for the machine. The automobile part of the device is a 1948 Simca Topolino. Dobbins believed that the Simcopter was capable of travel at 100 mph making commuting to work a breeze. He was employed by various aeronautical companies which included, […]

Aeronca C3

  The Aeronca C-3 was an outgrowth of an earlier Aeronca Model, the C-2 Scout. It was inexpensive to own and operate (using only 3 gallons of fuel per hour) and became popular with sportsman pilots in its era. The passenger was seated next to the pilot which made it convenient for teaching others how […]

Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross

Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross The Baby Albatross is a single-seat, high-wing monoplane glider with a wooden monocoque fuselage pod, an aluminum tube tail boom, and wooden empennage; fabric covered rudder and elevators and strut-braced wooden wings partially covered with fabric. Bowlus considered the needs and skills of the amateur builder from the beginning by adopting […]

Wright Flyer

  Wright Flyer The Wings of History display of the Wright Flyer. This replica was originally built for Irv Perch, owner of the Morgan Hill, CA restaurant, ‘The Flying Lady.’ Ownership of the Flyer passed to Vaughn Lamb, one of the Wings of History founders and Mr. Lamb gave it to the Wings of History […]

Volmer Jensen VJ-24W

The VJ-24W is a modified version of the VJ-24E hang glider. Two main wire wheeled bicycle wheels were added as the main landing gear along with the tractor type engine and a full three-axis flight control system. Construction is of aluminum tubing with a Dacron covering material. The fairing behind the pilot significantly reduced the […]