Aeronca Champ

The Aeronca Champion (Champ) high-wing monoplane 7AC for general aviation in the WOH collection is a 1946 model. Aeronca (a contraction of Aeronautical Corporation of America), was based in Middletown,… Continue reading Aeronca Champ

Christen Eagle

Personal History of this craft TBD Design Designed to compete with the Pitts Special by Frank Christensen originally of Salt Lake City, Utah,[1] the Eagle II is marketed in kit form for homebuilding. It… Continue reading Christen Eagle

Aeronca C3

  The Aeronca C-3 was an outgrowth of an earlier Aeronca Model, the C-2 Scout. It was inexpensive to own and operate (using only 3 gallons of fuel per hour)… Continue reading Aeronca C3

Wright Flyer

  Wright Flyer The Wings of History display of the Wright Flyer. This replica was originally built for Irv Perch, owner of the Morgan Hill, CA restaurant, ‘The Flying Lady.’… Continue reading Wright Flyer