Vickers Viscount

  The Vickers Viscount (pronounced vi-count, the ”s” being silent), is a British medium-range turboprop airliner first flown in 1948. The turboprop engines replaced the conventional engines of the time… Continue reading Vickers Viscount

Stinson 10

As you view the two sides of the fuselage at about the mid-point between the wing and the tail you will notice a triangular symbol. This symbol represents the Civilian… Continue reading Stinson 10

Pitts Special

Mr. Curtis Pitts Pitts Special Development and History Curtis Pitts began the design of a single-seat aerobatic biplane in 1943-44. The design has been refined continuously since the prototype’s first… Continue reading Pitts Special


The penguin is an aquatic, flightless bird mostly found in the southern hemisphere. Because the designer of this airplane device knew that this machine would never fly it was given… Continue reading Penguin