Franklin Aircraft Engine 4AC-150

The Franklin O-150 (company designation 4AC-150) was an American air-cooled aircraft engine of the late 1930s (first run in 1938). The engine is of four-cylinder, horizontally-opposed layout with a displaced […]

Guiberson A-1020 Diesel

This unusual 4-stroke 9-cylinder single-row direct-drive diesel radial engine has some interesting features, such as no ignition system. Instead, compression ignition fires the cylinders filled with air and injected diesel […]

Wright R-2600

This 14-cylinder double-row radial engine had a single-stage two-speed centrifugal supercharger with an impeller diameter of 11 inches which had a blower ratio of 7.06:1 at slow speed and 10.06:1 […]

Salmson 9-AD

  The bulk of these engines were made in France. After they had produced liquid-cooled radial engines between 1908 to 1918, the company changed its focus to air-cooled to reduce […]

Ranger L-440

The Fairchild Aerial Camera Corporation of Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, entered the aircraft engine business in 1925, by forming the Fairchild-Caminez Engine Corporation to develop and produce air-cooled engines […]

Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp

Pratt & Whitney began its experimentation & development of double-row engines in 1929. The advantages of the double-row power plant for aircraft were that a larger engine displacement could be […]

McCulloch O-100-1 (model 4318A)

  The 2-stroke 72 hp McCulloch target drone engine exhibited here is an example of a single-ignition system. There is one spark plug in each cylinder and a wire attached […]

Lycoming R-680-B4E

The Lycoming Company claims to have been founded in 1845 by Madame Ellen Curtis Demorest; however, the early history of the company prior to 1860 is unclear. The Demorest family […]

Kiekhaefer V-105-2

This 100 hp V-4 target drone engine was built in Fond-Du-Lac, Wisconsin, by Kiekhaefer Aeromarine Motors, Inc. The particular engine on display was manufactured in 1953 and has a Serial […]

Franklin 199-E3 90 HP Engine

  The manufacturing organization that began producing Franklin engines was known as the H.H. Franklin Company in 1902 operating in Syracuse, New York. They made Franklin air-cooled engines for automobiles. […]