Douglas 0-43

This scale model represents a parasol monoplane observation aircraft used by the United States Army Air Corps. They appeared in 1934 powered by a 675 HP Curtiss V-1570-59 inline engine. […]

Curtiss Seagull

This model represents a family of early flying boats developed in the United States in the years leading up to World War I. These airplanes were biplane flying boats powered […]

Curtiss P-6E

This model represents the Curtiss P-6E “Hawk” which was an American single-engine biplane fighter introduced into service in the late 1920’s with the United States Army Air Corps and operated […]

Avro Type G

This model replicates on a small scale the actual airplane which was a two-seat biplane designed by A.V. Roe to participate in the 1912 British Military Aeroplane Competition. It was […]

Albatross D.II

This model illustrates to us a German fighter used during World War I. Albatros designers Thelen, Schubert and Gnadig produced the D.II in response to pilot complaints about poor upward […]

Airco DH.2

This model aircraft represents the Airco DH.2 that was a single-seat biplane “pusher” aircraft which operated as a fighter during the First World War. It was the second pusher design […]